7 Benefits of Dental Implants

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Bridges and dentures have long been the only option for those suffering from tooth decay or tooth loss.  A somewhat new solution has been developed in the form of dental implants.  Dental implants are artificial roots that allow for a strong base for both removable and permanent false teeth.  These implants provide a variety of benefits compared to bridges or dentures.


Dental implants have a much more natural look than traditional dentures.  Advancements in manufacturing and materials make implants more closely match your existing teeth.  Since implants are designed to fuse to the bone and become permanent, the overall look is both natural and sustainable.


Dentures and bridges tend to slip or come loose altogether, which can cause a patient to slur their speech.  Additionally, many users overcompensate and can develop permanent speech impediments and additional oral issues.  Dental implants offer a more fixed solution that eliminates the risk of slippage and gives you the confidence to speak naturally.


Unlike bridges, dental implants don’t require any kind of alteration to surrounding teeth, thus reducing the risk to the rest of your natural teeth.  This also allows you to keep more of your natural teeth.  Implants are also easier to clean than bridges, making it much easier to maintain a healthier state of oral health.


Since dental implants do not need to be removed, they fuse to the bone and provide a strong,  consistent and natural feel. Since dentures are removed on a regular basis and depend on adhesives, they can become misaligned, creating discomfort and other potential oral health issues.


When dentures begin to slide it can make it difficult to enjoy certain foods.  Implants are firmly rooted to a permanent fixture which allows you to eat crisp, crunchy and chewy foods without the risk of slipping or discomfort.  Being unable to eat their favorite foods is one of the key reasons a patient will seek out dentures or bridges.  Implants are a far superior alternative.


Typically, dentures need to be replaced every five years.  Bridges can have a longer lifespan ranging from 5-15 years, but can take significant maintenance.  Dental implants, if cared for properly, can last a lifetime.  This helps to cut back on the cost associated with maintaining a healthy, functional set of teeth.


Dental implants are permanent, eliminating the need to remove them for cleaning.  This allows patients to care for their teeth just like they would their natural teeth.  This is not only more convenient for the patient, it eradicates what can be the embarrassing ritual of removing one’s teeth.

If you’re looking for a permanent alternative to traditional dentures and bridges, dental implants are the solution.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss the future of your oral health.