A Helpful Guide to Glasses Care

If you wear glasses, you know the constant struggle to keep them clean. There are times when it’s tempting to just clean them with your shirt. Don’t do that! It’s important to clean them the right way so they last longer.

That’s why we here at Argus compiled a list of glasses cleaning dos and don’ts for you!

How NOT To Clean Your Glasses

  • Do NOT wipe them with tissues, paper towels, napkins, or any other paper product. No matter how soft these materials are, they are still made of wood pulp and can easily scratch the lenses.
  • Avoid wiping your glasses with clothing. Throughout the day, your clothes accumulate dust and grime, and these particles can cause scratches even if the material itself doesn’t.
  • Don’t use everyday cleaners. Chemicals like ammonia and window cleaner can wear down the protective coatings on the lenses.
  • Don’t set the lenses down unprotected. Ladies don’t stuff them into a bag or pocket. This leaves them vulnerable to debris and scratching, not to mention your risk of smudging them when you accidentally pick them up by the lenses instead of the frame.
  • Don’t leave the lenses in areas prone to splatter and spray, such as the kitchen or bathroom counter.

Glasses Cleaning Dos

  • Use warm water and a drop of dish soap. Gently lather the lenses, frames, and nose pads, then wipe them with a clean and dry handkerchief, cotton cloth, or microfiber cloth.
  • Always store your glasses in a hard case. Doing so will help reduce the exposure to debris like airborne dust. If you don’t have a case, make sure to at least store them with the lenses facing upward to protect them from scratching.
  • For glasses cleaning on-the-go, you can either buy a special solution or mix your own cleaner by filling a small spritzer bottle with water and then adding one drop of dish soap.

If the lenses do get scratched, bring them to your local optometrist so that professionals can fix them instead of trying to buff out the scratches yourself, which could do more damage.