Care for your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are used by tons of people every day! They allow you to see clearly every day so it is important to protect them in order to decrease the risk of damaging our eyes. Here are some tips for taking care of your lenses:

  1. Wear as directed- Always adhere to the wearing schedule your eye doctor recommends. Try not to use them longer that they are meant to last. The longer you go before replacing your lenses, the higher the risk of damaging your eyes.
  2. Clean your lenses daily- It is important to develop a proper cleaning technique to reduce the risk of eye damage caused by bacteria and other infection-causing agents that can accumulate on your lenses. You can reduce the risk of eye damage by properly disinfecting your lenses with contact lens solution after each use.
  3. Check with your optometrist- Be sure to see your eye doctor for routine exams!