December is Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

With the holidays approaching quickly, it’s important to keep it safe and practice good eye care. Safe Toys and Celebrations month is centered on choosing toys and age-appropriate gifts for children.

  • Don’t get toys with sharp objects or edges
  • Avoid darts
  • Avoid toys that can be choking hazards for small children
  • Buy durable toys that won’t break or shatter into pieces
  • Observe video game age-ratings
  • Read all the warning labels carefully on toys
  • Supervise children always

Not only is this month about toys, but overall safety. Helmets and sports goggles make great gifts for all the athletes in the family. Also, keep decorations safe. Hang any glass ornaments higher up where children cannot reach them, use only safe electrical lights that do not have damaged wiring.

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season!