Are You Having These Dental Conversations with Your Kids?

We hope you had a great Father’s Day with all of your loved ones. With June being Men’s Health Month, it’s time that you pass some of that dad wisdom down to your kids. For instance, here are dental conversations about oral health that you should have with your kids to help make a real impact!

The Importance of Dental Care

First of all, start teaching your kids about good oral health by setting a good example for them. Dads are more likely to neglect their oral health than moms, making dads more susceptible to oral health problems. You can help change these statistics by adopting good oral health habits yourself.

First, explain to your kids that regular dental cleanings and exams, along with daily flossing and twice-daily brushing, are key to maintaining a healthy smile. Secondly, when the family skips dental appointments or daily brushing and flossing, minor dental problems become serious.

Lastly, set a good example by improving your own routine. After all, with kids, it’s monkey see-monkey do.

The Risk of Oral Cancer

Having your kids go to their annual dental checkups one of the best ways to catch the signs of oral cancer.

Teeth as Tools

If your kids see you open a package with your teeth, chances are they’ll do the same. So make sure your kids understand that using teeth as tools increases the risk for cracked or chipped teeth — which can even lead to the need for a root canal.


Do your kids play sports or do activities? First, talk to them about the importance of mouthguards and how famous athletes wear them too. Secondly, consider the “boil-and-bite” style mouthguard, which is available at local stores. 

In conclusion, if you need help talking to your kids about their oral health, contact your local dentist! They’ll be happy to help them preserve their smiles for years to come.