Dental Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Dental care starts even before teeth arrive!

From the moment your baby is born, you should be concerned with their dental hygiene. While babies aren’t born with teeth, taking care of their gums is very important. Gently massage your baby’s gum with an infant toothbrush, or with a soft washcloth.

When you see teeth

When teeth appear, brush them twice daily with an infant toothbrush and training toothpaste, which doesn’t contain fluoride. You can begin flossing when you see two teeth touching each other. After your baby takes a bottle, gently wash their teeth with a wet cloth, so the milk doesn’t stick to the teeth. For toddlers, encourage them to drink water every time they eat, so their teeth are getting cleansed regularly.

Visiting the Dentist

Try to visit the dentist by the age of one. While this is a young age, issues can get identified like if the teeth are susceptible to cavities.

Bottles and sippy cups

Baby bottle tooth decay is a real thing, and can be prevented. It is important to wean your child from the bottle by the age of one to prevent damage from occurring.

Even a sippy cup can contribute to tooth decay, particularly if your child is drinking milk or juice. While no-spill cups are popular, the valves make it so your child cannot sip. They end up sucking the liquid, much like milk from a bottle, which can cause similar issues to bottle tooth decay.