Don’t Drink Soda on National Beverage Day

beverages in the aisle

Who doesn’t love a cool glass of iced tea? Or maybe some soda? You’ll get a pass because today is National Beverage Day. It’s no surprise that sugary drinks are bad for you. High blood sugar can lead to problems like blurry vision, cataracts, glaucoma, and more.

Blurry Vision

To correct the problem, get your blood sugar back on track.

Please note that it may take as long as 3 months for your vision to get back to normal. Tell your eye doctor so they can let you know if this is a symptom of a more serious problem.


The lens of your eye is like a camera. When that lens gets cloudy, that means a cataract has formed. Unfortunately, people with diabetes tend to get them earlier, and they get worse faster.


Pressure builds up inside the eye when fluid can’t drain. This can damage your nerves and blood vessels, causing change in vision. Your eye doctor can detect this early with an exam.

When in Doubt, Drink Water!

The best treatment for dry eye is drinking plenty of water. Tired eyes, blurred vision, and headaches are all symptoms of eye strain. Staying well hydrated with water is important to maintain a healthy eye care!

Get a Vision Plan on National Beverage Day

As you shop,

  • First, you want to make sure the provider offers plans in your area. Enter your zip code on their site to find out.
  • Secondly, use the provider directory to make sure the plan covers what you want.
  • Thirdly, choose a plan that doesn’t have a waiting period.
  • Finally, many companies offer dental and vision together – like Argus!

Here at Argus, we offer the Freedom and Master Plan Vision Plans. The Freedom Vision Plan is available to Freedom Dental Plan members.

First, the plans are affordable. The Freedom starts at $2.74 per month.

Second, with a hassle-free vision plan, there’s no waiting periods, no claims and no deductibles.

Third, Freedom Vision Plan Members have access to over 1,000 Quality In-Network Providers, as well as discounts on Lasik and Sunwear.

On the other hand, the Master Plan Vision Rider is available to current Master Plan Dental members only. The rider offers basic eye care savings and additional savings on Contact Lens Ordering and Lasik Vision Correction.

With three different co-payment options available, and a 15% discount on most services, the Master Plan Vision Rider offers the flexibility you deserve.

The first co-payment option starts at $3.95 per month, the second at $3.35 per month, and the third starts at $2.74 per month.

In conclusion, if you have any questions regarding a vision plan, reach out to an Argus team member TODAY. We’d be happy to help you choose the best plan.