Think Twice Before you Rub Your Eyes!

Rubbing your eyes may give you a momentary sense of relief but It does more harm than good. Here are three things that can happen to your eyes if you continuously rub them:

Bacteria- We use our hands for pretty much everything we do, constantly exposing them to bacteria. Anytime we touch our eyes without washing our hands we risk transferring that bacteria and exposing our eyes to infections. If you rub your eyes with your dirty hands you could make it worse!

Excess Pressure- Eye pressure increases as much as 20 times whenever we aggressively rub our eyes. For most people, pressure returns to normal once they stop rubbing their eyes but for others this can harm or worsen their vision. Rubbing can also harm the front of the eye, and the combination of rubbing and pressure can potentially damage the cornea. This may cause the cornea to weaken or misshape.

Dark Circles- Rubbing your eyes can cause the tiny blood vessels that are beneath our skin’s surface to break, therefore causing dark circles and puffiness.