Eggnog & Your Teeth

eggnog for christmas

Right around Halloween, you start to see it slowly make its way into stores – eggnog. You either love it or hate it. Unfortunately, your teeth don’t like eggnog. So, thankfully, it only comes around once a year.


Eggnog is full of sugar, fat, cholesterol and carbs. Although it does have some protein, it’s not significant enough to call it a “healthy” drink. You’d have to work extra hard at the gym to burn off the calories from one cup.

Eggnog is bad for your teeth because of the sugar. Compare it to drinking a can of soda, same effects. Eggnog is thick and coats your teeth after you drank it. If you decide to drink it at holiday parties, limit your portions and have a cup of water sitting nearby.

Eggnog Adjustments

  • Drink a sugar and alcohol-free alternative.
  • Alternate sips of eggnog with water (like we mentioned before).
  • Drink eggnog with a meal and not by itself. Eating helps wash away the sugar off your teeth.
  • After drinking eggnog, brush your teeth or carry some sugar free gum.

Eggs & Your Teeth

Eating foods rich in vitamin D help you absorb the calcium that your teeth need.

  • Calcium. First, low-fat or fat-free dairy products such as milk, cheese, and plain yogurt contain calcium. Other good sources of calcium are green leafy vegetables, which deliver a healthy boost of vitamin C, too.
  • Vitamin D. Second, egg yolks, mushrooms, and most fish contain vitamin D you need to help build and maintain healthy teeth.
  • Vitamin C. Third, red peppers and sweet potatoes can provide vitamin C for healthy gums.
  • Crunches. Finally, crunchy fruits and vegetables help wipe away plaque-causing bacteria on your teeth.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

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