Foods and Drinks that Contribute to Teeth Acid Erosion

Tooth erosion occurs when the enamel is worn away by the exposure of acid, making the tooth vulnerable to plaque and bacteria. This erosion is irreversible and can be caused by certain foods and drinks that have a high acid content. Here are some examples:

Sodas – Sodas contain a high amount of sugar that interact with bacteria in your mouth to form acid that attack your teeth. Drinking soda not only causes erosion but also cavities. Cavities develop over time in people who drink sodas regularly. Even sugar-free sodas contain their own acids that attack your teeth too.

Fruit Juices – Fruit juices may seem healthy because they are full of vitamins and antioxidants, however, they are not entirely safe and beneficial. Fruit juices contain large amounts of sugar that can contribute to enamel erosion and tooth damage. Even naturally occurring sugars can affect the teeth.

Sugary Snacks – Sugary snacks such as candies and cookies are delicious, but they can harm your teeth. If you are craving something sugary try to munch on snacks that do not stay in your mouth for too long. Avoid sticky and chewy sweets.

Remember that If you must consume any of these drinks or foods, do it in moderation and practice a good oral health care routine afterwards.