Holiday Treats for Healthy Teeth

Feeling guilty about eating all the Christmas cookies and drinking the whole container of eggnog? It’s ok, you have a chance to redeem yourself!

Here are some seasonal treats that you can indulge in without feeling so guilty.

  • Not candy canes, sugar-free peppermint patties or dairy and sugar-free peppermint fudge. Wash all that down with peppermint tea!
  • Believe it or not, gingerbread tends to have less sugar than other types of cookies and cakes. Try baking actual gingerbread because then YOU control how much sugar goes into it.
  • Cheese raises the pH levels in our mouths, lowering the risk of tooth decay. It also contains calcium and protein, both of which strengthen teeth. Go ahead and have an extra piece on that cheese platter!
  • Almonds. These are a good source of calcium and protein (which, again, helps to strengthen teeth) but are also low in sugar.

Enjoy the holiday!