How Do You Get Someone to Brush Their Teeth?

Your worst nightmare came true – someone in your household REFUSES to brush their teeth. First of all, gross! Second of all, don’t lose hope yet.

Unfortunately, dental hygiene is not on the priority list for some people. Years of having a bad habit as a child carried over into adulthood. However, it’s not too late to help someone change out their nasty habits. Here are some tips that may help change the non-brushers tune:

Throw Facts at Them

Take some pictures of the person’s teeth and show them what their smile looks like. Showing them a new perspective may be eye-opening enough for them to make a change. You’ll have to track their progress over time. Commit to taking new photos every week or month to see how their dental habits are improving.

When in doubt, throw these numbers in their face:

  • According to the Oral Health Foundation, 66 percent of adults have visible plaque on their teeth.
  • 74 percent of adults have had at least one of their teeth extracted
  •  29 percent of adults have had regular tooth pain

Don’t let your family members or friends be apart if these stats.

Be Honest with Them

The truth hurts, but sometimes it needs to be done. In this case, let the person know they have bad breath or teeth. Communicate your feelings in a calm and comfortable way. Don’t be mean and insult the person. Provide positive reinforcement when they brush or floss their teeth. A little encouragement goes a long way.

Call for Backup

If they won’t listen to you, it’s time to consult a local dentist. A dentist can offer an objective and professional opinion better than you would. Make an appointment with the person and go! One step at a time. Be there for the person because a little perseverance goes a long way.