How to Take Advantage of National Eye Exam Month

getting an eye exam

Summer is slowing coming to an end, but the UV Rays are still high. It’s important to take precaution when being outside, especially if you’re at a baseball game. That’s why August is National Eye Exam Month. Learn the importance of eye health and safety before it’s too late.

Know the Symptoms

If you think you have healthy eyes and no symptoms of vision problems, think again. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “ages 40 and 65 should have their vision checked every 2-4 years.” If you’re 65_, it’s every 1-2 years. Some people have a family history of eye disease. This puts you at a greater risk, which is why it’s vital to check your eyes!

Did you know that seniors are prone to blurred vision? Consult your optometrist if you experience…

  • Blurred vision with your glasses
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Consistent eye pain
  • Red eyes
  • A burning sensation in your eyes
  • Constant watering
  • Black spots in your sight


  • First, when washing your face, use a clean towel
  • Second, DO NOT use other people’s eye medications or glasses
  • Third, NO smoking
  • Fourth, get plenty of rest
  • Fifth, consume as much Vitamin A and proteins as possible
  • Sixth, do NOT use sprays close to your eyes
  • Seventh, when watching television, give your eyes a break
  • Eighth, do NOT read in a moving vehicle
  • Finally, wear your UV protected sunglasses

If you don’t have a vision plan, investigate one of our Argus plans! The Freedom Vision Plan is available to Freedom Dental Plan members and starts at $2.74 per month. With no waiting periods, you’ll get into an optometrist for your annual eye exam.

Just because it’s National Eye Exam Month, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your vision all year long!