Is Makeup Really Bad for Your Eyes?

bunch of makeup equipment

People like to wear makeup. Maybe to feel more attractive or appear less noticeable. Either way, some of the best makeup brands are so expensive. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about lead in your eye shadow, but you do have to worry about how you put it on.

Getting some powder in your eye or accidentally poking yourself can lead to some eye irritations. Don’t let this happen to you!

Makeup and Our Eyes

Some of the riskiest pieces of makeup include the waterline eyeliner (eyeliner that goes on the rim of the eyelid rather than outside the eyelashes), false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, and color contact lenses.

These increase your chance of developing an eye infection because bacteria can build up on them and transfer to your eyes. Did you know that a mascara wand is contaminated from the first time you use it?

Another thing is be careful not to scratch yourself. An accidental poke in the eye from your eyeliner can leave scratches on the cornea.

How You Can Protect Your Eyes

So, does this mean you have to give up your eye shadow? No! Just be careful around your eyes. Here are a few things you can do to keep your eyes healthy while looking fabulous:

  • First, keep an eye on the expiration dates of your makeup, particularly mascara and eye liner. Old makeup can cause infection.
  • Secondly, make sure to use clean brushes to apply your makeup.
  • Thirdly, avoid putting eyeliner on your waterline.
  • Fourth, never share makeup or applicators. No matter how close you are with your friends, you don’t want bacteria in your eyes!
  • Finally, only buy color contacts from legitimate vendors that require a prescription.

Call Your Optometrist

Before you put your makeup on in the morning, make sure it isn’t ruining your eye health. If you have any questions about the products you’re using, bring them along to your next appointment so your optometrist can look! And if you’ve been experiencing any swelling, redness, or other eye symptoms, schedule an appointment immediately!