It Is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

baby with toys

What’s the one thing that most kids ask for Christmas? TOYS! When buying toys this holiday season, consider the safety and age range of the toys. That’s why December is Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month. We want you to stay informed and wonder if the toy you’re buying is age appropriate.

Safety Tips

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got the lowdown.

  • First, balloons can choke or suffocate your kids. Keep deflated balloons away from children younger than eight years old. Discard broken balloons immediately.
  • Secondly, for children younger than age three, avoid toys with small parts, which can cause choking.
  • Third, riding toys could be deadly. Make sure your kids wear helmets.
  • Lastly, keep high-powered magnet away from children.

After the Gifts are Open

  • Discard the plastic wrapping or other toy packaging.
  • Keep toys appropriate for your older kids away from the young ones.
  • Battery charging should be supervised by adults.

Prevent Blindness

With all the new toys and technology, limit the time your kids spend on their new toys. If they received a tablet or cell phone, remember the 20-20-20 rule.

  • First, inspect all the toys before purchasing. Don’t buy anything with sharp edges or points so your kids don’t hurt themselves.
  • Secondly, for kids with special needs, choose toys that may appeal to different senses such as sound and movement.
  • Thirdly, check the toys for age and skill level.
  • Fourth, look for labels on toys that passed a safety inspection – “ATSM” (American Society for Testing and Materials standards).
  • Fifth, educate yourself about lead exposure from toys, symptoms of lead poisoning, and any toys that have been recalled.
  • Finally, do NOT give toys with ropes and cords.

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