Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Do your glasses hide your makeup? Sometimes things get complicated wearing glasses. There are several different approaches you can take with your makeup when you want to look fabulous with your glasses.

Mascara. Applying your mascara to the roots more than the tips won’t smear your lenses, especially if you curl them.

Primer. Are your glasses always slipping down the bridge of your nose? Solve that problem by applying some eyeshadow primer on the bridge of your nose. Even guys can use this handy trick!

Eyeshadow. Choose an eyeshadow that makes the color of yours pop! You want people to take notice even if you’re wearing glasses.

Concealer. Use a little yellow-tinted concealer to hide the effect of dark circles under your eyes.

Lipstick. Use a bold or bright lipstick if you have thick and/or dark frames. Using a bold or bright lipstick color will help balance out your face shape.

There are so many different tips and tricks for glasses wearers. Just remember to clean your glasses if any makeup gets on them.