National Biscuit Month: Avoid Starch

basket of bread

What’s one of the best breakfasts? Biscuits and gravy. Unfortunately, it’s not the healthiest for your overall health and teeth. Sugar isn’t the only culprit behind cavities, starch is just as bad. So, before you dive into some home cooked biscuits for National Biscuit Month, here’s what you need to know about starch.

Why Is Starch So Bad?

First, starches in foods like bread don’t remain starches for long. As soon as you bite into them, the starches begin breaking down into sugar.

Secondly, starchy foods stick to your teeth. Unlike simple sugary treats, which wash away by saliva, starchy foods can linger, giving bacteria more time to work in your mouth. The longer the bacteria stays in your mouth, the more likely cavities are to form.

Lastly, people consume too much starch daily.

How Can You Prevent Tooth Damage?

Do you need to stop eating starchy foods altogether or risk extra visits to your dentist? No. It’s okay to enjoy your favorite starchy foods – if you consume them in moderation. You may also want to brush or at least rinse after enjoying a biscuit during National Biscuit Month!

Schedule Cleanings During National Biscuit Month

It’s recommended that you brush at least twice a day, the right way. Clean your teeth out with a soft-bristled toothbrush before bedtime. This removes any sticky starch.

Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash to protect from your plaque and schedule your annual dental exams. Visit your local dentist at least two times a year.

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