Say Cheese! It’s National Pizza Month

cheese pizza on a table

Do you feel guilty eating pizza? Excess calories and increased sodium intake aren’t good for you. However, cheese is because of the calcium. So, on National Pizza Month, grab an extra slice for us!

National Pizza Month

Eating cheese pizza is a great way to increase your calcium intake. Cheese is also a source of protein. Choose a pizza with meat to boost your pizza’s protein content.

Carbs provide fuel to your central nervous system. Depending on how you like your crust, chewing helps stimulate your saliva flow.

You bite into the hot pizza and burn your mouth – ouch! Did you know that a common oral effect of vitamin B deficiency is by burning your mouth?

So, there you have the evidence to prove that pizza is good! There’s no harm in consuming pizza but use common sense. Excess and deficiency are harmful, so don’t eat pizza every night.

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