Poison Prevention Week & Your Teeth

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Every third week of March, National Poison Prevention Week raises awareness of poison prevention. The week is an opportunity to highlight the dangers of poisonings and promote community involvement.

Share the Message

  • First, you can contact your local poison center by calling 1.800.222.1222 to find out what’s going on in your area
  • Second, consider asking other organizations to help you with the cause
  • Thirdly, post facts around your community about poison center resources
  • Fourth, distribute info to schools, businesses and other community groups
  • Finally, engage on social media

National Poison Prevention Week & Your Fillings

If you’re old school, you may remember dentists using metal fillings to fill cavities. Unfortunately, silver metal fillings contain mercury, which is toxic to one’s body. When the filling is warmed from chewing hot foods or drinking hot beverages, it releases mercury vapor.

If you believe you have metal fillings in your mouth from past procedures, talk to your local dentist immediately! Avoid toxins not only for your dental health, but overall.

Get a Dental Plan for Regular Cleanings

You can avoid future dental problems by getting regular cleanings and checkups provided with your dental benefits.

However, there are several options to choose from. The premiums, deductibles, and types of coverage can vary, so here are four important steps when you’re shopping around for dental benefits.

  • First, find out if you can get group coverage
  • Secondly, check into individual policies
  • Third, research dentists in your network.
  • Finally, read your policy

The bottom line is to do your homework. If you don’t understand the policy, ask your broker for a brief explanation. The key here is to get the best dental care for you and your family.

The Argus Freedom Plan offers quality, affordable coverage for basic and specialty dental care. Members have the freedom to choose the best quality care.

First, with no waiting periods, no claims forms, and no deductibles, the Argus Freedom Plan offers easy to use dental coverage. Secondly, members have the freedom to access any dentist of their choice. Finally, they can also enjoy additional savings when using an in-network provider.

The Argus Master Plan offers quality, affordable dental care coverage for Florida residents. Plans start as low as $8.95 per month!

In conclusion, adults often experience changes in their oral and health as they age, which may require services beyond preventative care.

If you have any questions regarding proper dental care, contact your local dentist!