Should You Buy Those Cheap Sunglasses?

woman wearing sunglasses

With the sun blazing, it’s hard not to squint or cover your eyes. High-quality sunglasses like Ray Bans or Gucci are expensive. That’s why most people opt for a cheaper pair that looks almost the same. Will the cheap sunglasses still help your eyes? Are they bad for them?

Key Factors When Buying Sunglasses…

wearing sunglasses all the time
  • First, UV Protection. It’s important that the sunglasses you buy provide 100% UV protection. This will help shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays that case long-term eye damage. Don’t assume that the cheap sunglasses provide the same level of protection because it says, “blocks UV.”
  • Second, Optical Quality. Cheap sunglasses may cause eye strain if the optical quality of the lenses is less than it should be.
  • Thirdly, Impact Resistance. Don’t take chances. For the best impact resistance, choose lightweight polycarbonate lenses.

Do Your Research

The most important reason to wear sunglasses is to shield your eyes from damaging sun rays. You want to protect your eyes from injury or irritation.

Don’t fall for cheap sunglasses because they claim to be the best. Talk to your optometrist about what sunglasses will provide the best protection and fit your budget.

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