Spring Cleaning? Follow These Home Eye Safety Tips

When the weather gets warmer, families tend to do some spring cleaning around the house. Eye protection is important for work and sports, but what about when you’re home? Most eye injuries are preventable as long as you follow the right safety instructions and use eye protection.

Eye Risks at Home

Watch your step while cleaning the furniture because a simple fall can turn into an eye injury. How? Furniture has edges that’ll poke your eye and hurt! The most common culprit of eye injuries is small toys and harsh chemicals in cleaning products. Wear protective eye wear if you plan on cleaning at a high level so none of the cleaners get in your eye.

Having the kids cut the lawn? Debris from a lawn mower can cause eye injury. Have them wear sunglasses or some sort of eye wear so nothing flies in their eyes.

Best Practices for Eye Safety

Don’t wear your normal, everyday glasses when cleaning. Even those can shatter if struck, causing even worse damage to your eyes. Most spring cleaning projects involve tools or chemicals, so wear safety goggles as a form of protection. If dad’s projects are intense, make sure he wears polycarbonate safety glasses or a face shield.

Another helpful thing to do is read the labels on any chemicals you use around the home.

What to Do If You Injure Your Eye

Accidents do happen. If someone in your home has an eye injury, flushing the eye out with water for 20 minutes. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. If anything went into the eye, do not attempt to remove the object or touch your eye. Instead, cover your eye with a shield and go right to the emergency room. Do NOT hesitate when it comes to an eye injury.

Call Your Optometrist

Need some safety tips for spring cleaning? Talk to your local optometrist. They’ll answer any questions you may have and recommend the best eye protection for the chore!