Tips for Making Your Kids Glasses Look Cool

Do your kids need glasses? The last thing they want to do is wear them because they’ll get teased. That’s SO not true!

Help your kids get excited about wearing glasses by doing these five things:

  1. Make sure their glasses fit. Your kids don’t want to wear something that’s uncomfortable. Do they pinch their noses? Make sure that the optometrist adjusts the glasses without them being uncomfortably tight.
  2. Let your kids choose their frames. Your kids still feel self-conscious about how their new glasses will impact their friends’ behavior towards them. A great way to help them out if by letting them choose their own frames! Maybe they have a favorite color? Or a really cool design? If they wear the frames they picked out, they’ll feel better about leaving them on.
  3. Are the glasses age appropriate? Your teenager doesn’t want to wear a toddler’s glasses and vice versa. Let your kid show off what a big kid they are by wearing the right glasses for their age group.
  4. Set goals. Are you setting glasses goals? Have a starting point like wearing the glasses for 30 minutes. Then, bump it up to a half a day, then a full day. Reward your kids for jobs well done.
  5. Make sure they don’t slack off. Be encouraging and tell them stories about how all the cool kids like Harry Potter and Superman wear glasses.

Let your optometrist help! They will gladly show your kids some cool frames and reassure them that they’re awesome. So don’t delay, contact your optometrist┬átoday and let’s make your kids the most popular at school.