Trouble Seeing at Night? Read This.

Have you ever had problems driving at night? Maybe you had to switch seats with someone in the car because you couldn’t see? It happens more often than you think, people have trouble seeing at night.

Check out these tips on how to improve your driving at night:

  • Keep the inside and outside of your car windshield clean. People often forget about wiping down the inside of the windshield.
  • Are the windshield wipers in good condition? If not, it might be time to change them out.
  • Clean off your headlights. They can get dirty and foggy.
  • If you wear glasses, keep them clean too. Have the prescription checked regularly so you can keep up to date with your glasses or contacts.

Trouble seeing at night is a health issue for a lot of people with possible causes being cataracts, glaucoma or dry eye. During your regular eye exam, talk to your local eye doctor and let them know you’re having problems seeing/driving at night.