Welcome to Child Eye Health & Safety Month

Can you believe that it’s almost time for back to school shopping? August seems to be the new September! Along with school supply shopping, it’s time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for the kids. How convenient that August is designated as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. It’s better to get the eye exams out of the way before school starts!

By having the exam, your child’s eye doctor can help detect nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. As well as, lazy eye, crossed eyes, drooping of the eyelid and color blindness.

Get an Eye Exam

If the pediatrician suspects that your child has a vision problem, make an appointment with your local optometrist. There are specific things they’ll want to look for like…

Keeping your child’s eyes safe is extremely important. Help prevent eye injuries by,

  • Having them wear protective eye wear for sports and during recreational activities.
  • Buying age-appropriate toys to avoid sharp or protruding parts possibly hitting their eye.

If Your Child Has an Eye Injury

Have the pediatrician or optometrist look at it immediately! Delaying your child’s medical attention may worsen and could result in permanent vision loss.

Care for your child as follows…

  • DO NOT touch, rub or apply any pressure to the eye
  • DO NOT try to remove any object stuck in the eye. If there’s debris, have the child blink a lot so the tears flush it out.
  • DO NOT apply any medication to the eye
  • Gently cover a small cut
  • For chemical exposure, flush the eye out with plenty of water

Help your kids have the best school year by scheduling their exams and taking safety measures. If you’re looking to sign up for a vision plan, consider Argus!