Why Online Eye Exams Aren’t Recommended

getting an eye exam

We can do just about anything on the internet – shop, book appointments, look up directions, etc. However, you must be careful when it comes to things like medical advice. This brings us to online eye exams because yes, they do exist, and they’re not recommended.

What Can You Get with An Online Eye Exam?

The main goal is to determine your prescription for corrective lenses. Sometimes these exams include color blindness and contrast sensitivity tests. However, the results aren’t the most reliable. Online eye exams that use licensed optometrists to verify the results can still be inaccurate so be mindful.

What Online Exams Won’t Do for You

The two biggest drawbacks are lack of in-person interaction with an optometrist and lack of proper optometry equipment. If you update your prescription online, you risk letting sight-threatening eye conditions go undetected.

Have Faith in Your Optometrist

Your optometrists can do a lot that an online exam can’t. They can talk to you about what you’re experiencing with your vision and offer experienced, professional medical advice. They make sure your eyes are healthy.

When Was Your Last Eye Exam?

We here at Argus don’t want you to feel too bad if you’ve tried an online eye exam to update a prescription. We understand that it can be difficult to schedule an eye exam when things get busy. However, we encourage you to give your local optometrist a call so they can make sure your eyes are healthy!