It’s World Environment Day!

Today is World Environment Day! The United Nations started this to encourage worldwide awareness about what we can do for Mother Earth. Even though this year’s theme is “Air Pollution,” there’s still plenty of things you can do. For example, you can start an action in your home to recycle contact lenses.

According to the American Chemical Society, “20 percent of people dispose their contacts by flushing them down the toilet or sink.” Contact lenses come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the processing at treatment facilities are unable to fully break down your contact lenses.

Options for Disposal

You can throw them out in the garbage, but it sends them to the landfill which is not any better. Unfortunately, you can’t toss them in a recycling bin either. To actually recycle your contact lenses, you need to take them to a specialty recycling center.

Don’t have time for that? Then find out the easiest way possible to recycle your contact lenses!

Bausch + Lamb Recycling Program

Recycling is easy! All you have to do is…

  • First, collect your used blister packs, top foil, and contact lenses into a small cardboard box
  • Second, once the box is full, print a FREE shipping label from Bausch + Lamb
  • Finally, take the box to any UPS location or ship it from home.

Caring for Your Contacts

The best way to avoid an infection is by listening to your optometrist. Make sure to…

  • First, wash, rinse, and dry your hands before handling your contact lens
  • Second, use soap that’s free of oils, perfumes, etc
  • Third, dry your hands with a lint-free towel
  • Fourth, use your fingertips to handle the contact lens
  • Lastly, to never put a damaged contact lens in your eye

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