Bon Appétit! It’s World Pasta Day!

plate of spaghetti

Carbs are the magic word because it’s World Pasta Day! However, if you’re Italian, pasta is a way of life. Unfortunately, not all carbs are equal because some can provide a boost or destroy your dental health.

Enjoy World Pasta Day with Whole Grain

Pastas come in all shapes and colors – white, whole grain, egg noodles, etc. If you’re looking to have some pasta today, choose options featuring whole grain for dental and overall health.

Why is white pasta so bad for you? During the food’s production cycle, healthy ingredients are taken out. As a result, white pasta will cause blood sugar levels to spoke, force your metabolism to slow down and contribute to weight gain. Plus, white pasta is full of sugar. As your dentist tells you, sugar is bad for your teeth and will only make matters worse.

For those that are in ketosis, a low-carb diet causes bad breath – yuck!

In conclusion, whole grains are the better choice. According to Healthline, whole grain pasta is “lower in calories and carbs, but higher in fiber and nutrients.”

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