Order Up! It’s National Hamburger Month

burgers on the grill

Burgers are a popular junk food. Unfortunately, the starch from the bun is bad for your teeth. Starch sticks to your teeth and stays there. If you don’t brush or floss after having a big, juicy burger, you risk dental damage. So, during National Hamburger Month, consider going bunless.

Dental Problems

A fast food hamburger means major dental problems for your teeth and gums. Foods that cling to your teeth, put you at a much higher risk for cavities. This allow acids that cause tooth decay to build up on the tooth surface.

Fermentable carbs, which are in chips, create the perfect opportunity for dental cavity-causing acids. You can minimize their effect by eating them as a part of a meal with other types of food. How can you do this? Eat cheese along with your crackers will help neutralize the acids.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, soda and bottled iced tea are the worst. These are empty calories where sugar can wear down your teeth’s enamel over time.

What Can You Do During National Hamburger Month?

First, limit your consumption of fast food as much as possible. If you find yourself craving a burger, chew sugarless gum or rinse with water for 30 seconds afterwards. This will help prevent food from sticking to your teeth the rest of the day.

Try to choose a place that carries nutritional meals. Not only will you do a good thing for your teeth, but your body as well.

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In conclusion, adults often experience changes in their oral and health as they age, which may require services beyond preventative care.

If you have any questions regarding proper dental care, contact your local dentist!