National Wine Day & Your Vision

glasses of red wine

Did you know that May 25th was National Wine Day? Did you have a glass of wine with dinner? Maybe two? Even though alcohol does harmful damage to your body system, it also can cause permanent eye damage.

How Alcohol Impacts Your Eyes

  1. First, alcohol weakens the muscles in your eyes. Alcoholism can later cause involuntary rapid eye movement.
  2. Alcohol slows down the communication between your eyes and brain. Hence, double vision.
  3. Bloodshot is a great sign of a heavy drinker. Alcohol dilates a persons ocular blood vessels which gives them that “reddish” color
  4. Alcohol also makes your eyes sensitive to light causing headaches.

Celebrating National Wine Day

If you celebrated or celebrate everyday, please do so in moderation. Your body’s tolerance may be different than someone else’s.

Get Vision Care

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