Dental Decay – The Truth About Fruit Juice


The most common chronic childhood disease is tooth decay. Sugar is a common ingredient in the foods we eat every day. Whether it is “natural sugar” or added sugar, sugar is sugar and can lead to tooth decay and possibly the loss of teeth.

Let’s talk about fruit juice drinks. Kids love them and they are readily available in kid-friendly boxes/bags with straws, and single-serve bottles or gallon jugs, all packaged with eye-catching designs. These fruit juice drinks are placed at eye level on store shelves, providing easy access for kids. Convenience and the idea that fruit juice is a good nutritional choice drives its consumption.

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Fruit is a very important part of our diet due to its high nutrient content; however, fruit juice drinks do not contain as many nutrients as whole fruits. Whole fruits provide fiber, making you feel full and thereby decreasing the risk of overeating and obesity. While whole fruits do naturally have a high sugar concentration which can lead to tooth decay, the risk is much less than your child “drowning” their teeth in fruit juice drinks all day long. Eating fruit is much better than drinking fruit juice drinks because it’ll make you feel fuller sooner and contains less calories. If your child must have fruit juice, choose 100% fruit juice which contains more nutrients and less additives than sweetened juice drinks.