Watch Out Because It’s National Candy Month

heart box full of candy

Unfortunately, it’s National Candy Month. The best way to avoid any damage to your teeth is brush twice a day. Limit between meal snacking and keep added sugar away from your diet.

How Do Cavities Form?

When you eat candy, harmful mouth bacteria feed off of the sugar. The bacteria create acids which then erode tooth enamel. Cavities are a bacterial infection that’s created by those acids. When you develop a cavity, a hole in your tooth forms.

How Can You Minimize Candy’s Impact on Your Teeth?

  • Drink plenty of water. Water can minimize some of the harmful effects of sugar, preventing decay.
  • Eat candy with meals.
  • Brush after eating.

The Best Candies

Dark chocolate is the best candy for your teeth. Chocolate may be more effective than fluoride at fighting tooth decay, according to several studies, due to a compound in chocolate that helps harden tooth enamel.

Sugarless candies, such as candies with stevia or candies that diabetics consume. Sugar feeds bacteria and upsets the healthy ratios of pH and bacteria in the mouth.

Candy bars with nuts. Candy bars with a lot of nuts can break up the stickiness, and it’s the stickiness of a candy that increases the chance of cavity.

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